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NextGen Gov: Governing at an Age of Long Emergencies

NextGen Gov Online Summit

The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic has presented governments around the world with the biggest challenge since World War II.

How well-equipped have Governments been to combat this threat? How can emerging best practices from Asia Pacific be leveraged across the region or globally? Will they become ‘new normals’? What capabilities within and outside Governments emerge as critical? And what are the approaches to develop and accelerate those capabilities? What does the future of policy and governance innovation look like?

At the Regional Innovation Centre, UNDP Asia Pacific, we, along with Dark Matter Labs are seeking answers to all the questions with our partners through the “NextGenGov in Asia” journey that will kick off virtually in the first half of May.

The aim of the journey is to provide a regional platform for knowledge and experience space for interested government partners, help articulate and prioritize ‘new normal’ government capabilities and support action to forge them in various national contexts.

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