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Bangkok Innovation Days: NextGenGov

March 8–11
The Bangkok Innovation Days are an invite-only event focused on NextGenGovernance across the Asia-Pacific region.
           It is part of a wider global programme which builds on the success of the 2018 Istanbul Innovation Days and 2019 Harare Innovation Days
            It will bring together senior civil servants with UNDP country officers and leading practitioners, and focus on practical ways to address the strategic risks built into our future; Climate Change, Water crises, Unemployment, Urbanization, Data Governance and Air pollution – to unlock a next generation of strategic governance experimentation. 

What are the strategic risks to mitigate?

Air pollution has become a major risk in Asia and the Pacific, putting over 4 billion people’s health in danger. Did you know that air pollution also poses a significant threat to agriculture? Asia already hosts 60% of the world’s undernourished population. Is this something you can change?
       Asia has as much water per person as the continent of Antarctica. With the projected growth in population, Asia is likely to face a water crises unlike any other content. Are you prepared to face a water crises unlike any other?

Why NextGenGov in Asia-Pacific?

The unprecedented scale of challenges we face, requires states around the world to remake their governance engines fundamentally; decarbonising economies, rethinking human capital, reinventing bureaucracy, and driving inclusive innovation. This is even more prominent and needed in Asia.
        Asia as a region is undoubtedly the centre of global growth and the most fertile ground for innovation and experiments in policies and governance, but this also makes this region widely exposed to threatening strategic risks of the future. The rapidly growing population, poverty, and health issues arising due to severe air pollution and water crises, will all be amplified in the Asia Pacific region.
        Asia therefore has a strategic role to play in the future of global governance and regulatory innovation and standard setting; a reality which is increasingly being recognized in a multi-polar global governance landscape.

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